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Flung deep into a shared, lucid dream, a young teen struggles to battle the jokes aimed squarely at him. Who will be the one to help?

A frill-necked lizard that turns shadows into hideous monsters;

a possum who shoots freezing flames from her iPad;

a kangaroo that can change into an enormous bunyip;

or a koala who can transform her telescope into any machine she chooses?

As the boy travels from the mysterious Australian bush to a live game of Aussie rules football, he discovers his own fighting spirit, and tries to figure out what it takes to be a real mate.

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Totally Lucid comic is about a frustrated boy and a fearless girl who meet in a shared lucid dream to work out their differences. As they travel from a surreal Australian outback to a football stadium they encounter other lucid dreamers using Australian spirit animals and incredible shaman-like powers who are plotting to do things they would never normally do in real life. This is an action-packed, soul-searching journey full of silly humour that explores the fine line between joking and provoking.


Noon starts off in the lucid dream freaking out because he feels like everyone’s against him. You see he didn’t look after his pets too well and the word got out and he was majorly teased. So he has this suspicion that the pet shop sales assistant- Azeliah, was the one who let the cat out of the bag. But before they go head to head another bunch of lucid dreamers show up and Noon gets fascinated by their powers and figures out if he joins them, it might help him regain popularity.

Anyway, one of them has a broken arm and Azeliah, who is actually quite compassionate, plants a special vine that has fruit which can heal. But this process of healing is not so easy – especially when engine comes along.


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