Artist Bio

Shane Tholen is a published children’s book illustrator and emerging graphic novelist based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Since studying Fine Art at Curtin University, Shane’s existence has included pursuits in fashion and t-shirt design, freelance illustration, game design, travel and teaching. Whenever he can, he sneaks away to his computer to draw, using digital media to create expressive, original characters with layers of colourful scenery as background. His art and writing makes use of fantastical themes juxtaposing hideous monsters with cute, cuddly characters; humour with meaningfulness; and Australiana with world culture. Combined with a love of storytelling and with influences stemming from manga and anime, French comics, and Eastern philosophy, Shane hopes to use his art to portray a message of joy, care and kindness for humanity and all the creatures of the wind, water and soil.


Totally Lucid, 2019.

Illustrations for ‘Groovy Granny’ by Cate Haynes,

‘Whacko’ by David Caddy and

“The real Facts of Life’ by Geoff Havel, Fremantle Press.

Shane Tholen

Shane Tholen is a qualified primary school teacher. His talks and workshops are outcome focused and highly engaging.


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