Shane Tholen offers a range of engaging workshops for either children, teens or adults. Learn drawing skills based on comics and Japanese manga and Anime.

Author talks

Captivating and interactive, Shane can visit your school, library or festival with an informative and motivational talk about the creative process.

Art workshops

Shane Tholen can offer silk screen classes, clay sculpting, and mural workshops.

Author talks

  • My journey as an Australian author.


  • Draw Manga & Anime - Japanese style drawing.
  • Comic writing
  • Character design

Links to the Australian curriculum

The content of Totally Lucid links to:

Year 5 &6

  • mental health and wellbeing (MH)
  • relationships and sexuality (RS)

• “Contributing to healthy and active communities”
• Investigate the role of preventive health in promoting and maintaining health, safety and wellbeing for individuals and their communities
ACPPS058 –
• investigating practices that help promote and maintain health and wellbeing = ‘creating connections with others to enhance social health’
• discussing the importance of social support and a sense of belonging in promoting mental health and wellbeing

Also -

  • Explore how participation in outdoor activities supports personal and community health and wellbeing and creates connections to natural and built environments
    • exploring ways in which people can connect with other members of their community through participating in physical activities in natural settings and built environments
    • discussing how a connection to the local community, environment or special places can influence personal and community health and wellbeing


• Identify how valuing diversity positively influences the wellbeing of the community
• exploring initiatives sporting and community groups use to counter all forms of discrimination and support the wellbeing of their communities
• discussing how the actions of bystanders, friends and family can prevent and/or stop bullying and other forms of discrimination and harassment

Next Steps...

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